ZRP/M files

ZRP/M is a CP/M 2.2 emulation system for IB/M PC's and compatibles. It'sauthor died a number of years ago, and hs brother has released this code forgeneral use, free of charge. He feels, and I agree, that it was too good aneffort to waste it bu letting it lay on a shelf.

It appears that ZRP/M began life as a disassembly of a then popularoperating system. It was then severly hacked into what it is today. Mostemulators today emulate both the 8080/Z80 instruction set, and CP/M 2.2. ZRP/Mconsists of a binary code emulator that can handle 8080, Z80, and Z280 binarycode. This emulator then runs the ZRP/M operating system, which is written in8080 assembly language.

Source code is available for part of the system. The utilities have beenenhanced, and the source for them is not present. The source is present for theoperating system itself, and a Z80 emulator. I don't believe that the includedemulator source is th Z280 emulatior.

NOTE : Even though it appears that the Z280 emulator source is not persent,the binary should include the Z280 emulator. I am still attempting to get therest of the source code.

OK then. Here are the files for ZRP/M. Be sure to get the manual; you WILLneed it.

RDOS, RCP : 120K This is disk 1 of thedistribution disk set.

ZRPM : 118K This is disk 2 of thedistribution disk set.

ZRPM SOURCE : 204K This is the sourcefor the operating system and (I believe) a Z80 emulator.

ZRPM USERS GUIDE : 241K This is theUsers Guide for ZRP/M in POSTSCRIPT format. You WILL need this. ZRP/M is asuperset of CP/M 2.2, so you will also need the CP/M 2.2 manual as things incommon are not replicated here. Most of the utilities for ZRP/M have beenenhanced and have numerous new options.

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